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I've been doing CG professionally for about 7 years now, but since college, I haven't done any personal projects till just recently.

I purchased Toon Boom Studio a few years ago (2002?) and tried my hand at the same sort of flipbook animation I used to do a lot when I was in high school in the margins of my schoolbooks. I'd like to do more, but the workflow of 2D animation isn't as immediately gratifying as 3D for me.

Run and jump study #1: Flash animation
I had a few requests for a tutorial of sorts. Here are some Animation Notes


I just got a copy of Lightwave a few weeks ago (Mar, 2004) and am getting into subdiv modeling for the first time.

My first model

My second model, a robotic hand (to go with the body)

My third model, a robotic body (to go with the hand)

Lightwave Plugins:

I wrote a Lightwave plugin. Maybe you will find it useful. It lets you add and move points that snap to the polys of a BG layer.

Lightwave Plugins

Last updated: Aug 28 2005